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When the Sand is Pink on Harbour Island

I just finished work on my latest entry for Harbour Island photo-of-the-month.

There is a short time span in the morning where one can clearly see how pink the sand is on Harbour Island. The first time I saw this beach was in broad daylight, and I must admit, it didn't look too pink to me... Nor did it photograph that way. The sand looks bright white with the sun shining on top of it. A technical reason could be provided, but that's not important.

Given the right time of morning, the variations of "pink sand" is nothing short of stunning. On one hand, you want to stare out at the ocean and watch the sunrise -- the shock blue waves rolling in and slithering along the beachfront -- the sun literally popping up over the horizon and painting that big bright yellow stripe pointing straight toward you. But if you think to look up or down the beach, you can get just as mesmerized watching the sand turn every imaginable shade of pink. Sometimes it pays to look the other way.

I'll see you on the beach.

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Harbour Island Bahamas

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