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Harbour Island Trip Report from Pinknest

I feel bad about not getting anything done around here lately. The good news is, I have a lot of content which will eventually get out. I have some panoramics from the last trip that will be most interesting. I was able to combine 360° virtual reality with the latest wave of "high dynamic range" or HDR, which is techno babble for a much broader and deeper color range. I'd like to say these will blow you away, but I'm trying to stay humble about it.

In the meantime...

I recently picked up on a very thorough trip report for Harbour Island which also included a visit to Eleuthera. This isn't your average Harbour Island trip report either -- this girl did the number on photos and dialog. Made me want to be back there so bad! You go girl!

I quickly passed the piece along to my wife and a few other H.I. junkies so they could take the day off at their desk and check out the island. I can hear Rose Mary saying "See you at the Blue Bar for lunch?" So if you're "jonesing" for pink sands, check out Pinknest's Harbour Island Trip Report.


P.S. See honey? You should do a trip report too!

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