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I've been trading email with a photog from the Bahamas who has become an email friend over the years -- Derek from BahamaWave. Years back, Derek dropped me some email regarding my site for Harbour Island. After a few exchanges, he emailed me some links to some of his sites and I liked them enough to bookmark them. Derek has a great eye for Bahamian art. He also has an excellent collection of photos from the Bahamas -- this is stuff you can frame. Best of all, Derek's a really nice guy.

I recently sent email to Derek asking about his original site being "404" -- geek for "offline". Alas, the expense and "not enough visitors" and "not enough time" shut the site down. Happens to all of us websters at some point or another. Derek now spreads his word of the Bahamas through his new BahamaWave blog.

Better yet -- click over to Derek's new gallery for his photos of the Bahamas hosted by DevinatART and another nice Bahamas photo gallery over at BetterPhoto. Don't see that image of the Bahamas you want? Drop Derek a line... He'll hook you up.

While I'm here, this is my vote for favorite Bahama Wave shot.

Do like I did... Grab a drink, flip on some good tunes and surf the Bahamas through Derek's lens.


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Blogger BahamaWave News said...

Hi Perry,

Gee, thanks for the excellent review. I've been taking photos all my life and love it. I am currently using an Olympus 350-SP which is light and easy to use. I have tons of fun with it.

Your websites are just great and professionally done too. Keep up the good work.

Your web friend,
Derek. :)

6:59 AM EDT  

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