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Raphael Mazzucco on Harbour Island

Found this article where Raphael Mazzucco talks about his S.I. photo shoot on Harbour Island. You may recall some of my muse on this subject in my entry Harbour Island makes cover of Sports Illustrated.

I found Raphael's selection of equipment most interesting when it came to his Leica Digilux 2; something I had never heard of. The Pentax 67 was a lovely camera to use for those rich beach scenes.

But hey, I didn't make this blog entry to bore you with camera talk... The real news of the article is SI has put a book out that is a collection of the many fab photos Raphael shot on Harbour Island. Here are some sample shots from SI's "Exposure".

This is a limited edition book signed by Raphael so don't wait if you want one. Here is where to buy SI's "Exposure" book.

Speaking of photo stuff... I finally got around to processing a few of my interactive 360° panoramic photos I shot of Harbour Island last Spring. The first one was taken at the southern end of the island just before the major rock outcropping. This is a delightful spot early in the morning when only a few people are out -- typically walking or jogging -- and maybe a dog or two to leave behind a few paw print photo ops in the sand.

I am so amazed at how you can be on Harbour Island at the peak of prime vacation time and still be just about the only one standing on the beach watching the sun come up. My wife says it's because I'm the only crazy person who would get up that early in the morning when you're on vacation. Yeah and it makes for a good excuse to take a nap in the hammock later on in the day. Okay, lame excuse...


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