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Lunch Club Hits Blue Bar on Harbour Island

A rare view of the e-lite Lunch Club hard at work. Now we know their secret -- liquid diets. Amazing I was invited. Even more amazing is they let me bring my camera. Bad idea. Now, it's all over the net. Oops, I did it again.

And the only reason they invited me was because I'm always the designated driver. What a buzz kill! Now I know how Dangerfield felt. At least they didn't stick me with the tab... not yet.

The hardest part about writing this entry is avoiding all the wisecracks that come to mind when I look at this shot. I'm saving them for next trip -- I'm going to need plenty of verbal ammo. Besides, I'd get a week's worth of kp duty if I put them in print.

If you're on Harbour Island, take the advice of the Lunch Club and check out the Blue Bar at Pink Sands hotel. The foofie drinks are yummo! (Thanks to Rachael Ray for that literary bit.)


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The Pink Sands of Harbour Island

I read elsewhere on some funky travel forum "the sand's not really pink, it's white." Too many Kaliks, bud! If you'd spend a little less time checking out the pink suits, you'd see we're talking pink sands! I can hear it now, "how pink are they?" The sand is so pink, it almost looks red at daybreak. You gotta try to get up real early once to see this phenom; stop hanging out at Gusty's till the wee hours. Yeah, I know -- it's supposed to vacation. Lucky for me I gave up hangovers so I could get up early and take photos so you could see what you're missing.

For me, it's not so much about the sand being pink as much as it is "packed." I've trundled (cool word - thanks, Mark) through all kinds of sand beachfront in the Bahamas and most of it is real mushy -- great if you like developing calf muscles -- something akin to walking through snow. I prefer walking at 4+ mph, so I'm not real fond of sand you sink into.

As I've studied it, unscientifically of course, the beach sand stays packed because it's protected by the nearby reefs. These reefs keep Harbour Island's pink sand beaches one of the best walking / jogging beaches in the Bahamas, not to mention one of the best swimming holes.

Are there others? Sure... But how many of them have as many cool digs in such a concentrated area as does Harbour Island? Make a pit stop at Sip-Sip and Blue Bar and you'll see what I mean.

See you on the pink sands beach.


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