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Harbour Island Pictures and Images Gallery

I finally got around to launching my Harbour Island Pictures and Images shop. I had a difficult time choosing which photos to start with. Harbour Island has so much to offer a photographer.

One of my favorites is Harbour Island's Crown Street. This little narrow street is so Bahamian, so rich in colors; pink, coral, green, white along with a polaroid blue to back it all up. So peaceful and natural.

Another favorite in the gallery is the triple exposure shot of Harbour Island's famous "Lone Tree". It's actually a part of a larger virtual reality / panoramic shot of Lone Tree. I plan on getting that and another virtual reality shot of Dunmore Town posted on HarbourIslandGuide.com.

In fact, instead of my just gabbing about it and then waiting another 9 months to do it, I think I'll work on that right now. Great way to start the New Year -- start thinking about that next visit to Harbour Island and Eleuthera.


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