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Harbour Island Greeting Cards

Harbour Island Greeting Cards

I'm starting to look through my catalog of photos from Harbour Island for those special shots suitable for greeting cards, note cards and postcards. This was my first choice for a folded greeting card because it's a photo of where things start on Harbour Island -- at the Government boat dock in Dunmore Town. You can see the familiar blue and yellow striped Bahamas Ferries boat at the dock. In the bottom left quadrant of the greeting card, you can see the metal railing for the famous "hill steps" cut by prisoners.

This photo was taken from the patio deck at the entrance of Rock House Hotel, one of my most favored places to stay and dine on the island. This vantage point is an excellent place to photograph sunsets over Eleuthera.

These folded greeeting cards I'm having made are glossy with a nice aqueous coated finish; rich in color and detail. If they seem a bit pricey, it's because they are printed as needed -- safe to say "rare." There's simply not enough market to print these by the 100s, however if someone wants to place a volume order, the price would come down. Here's the link:

Harbour Island Folded Greeting Cards

Stay tuned. I hope to post more in the near term.


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Blogger MikeH said...

PJ, What incredible web sites, both Eleuthera and Harbour Island Bahamas. I've only spent a little while on them, but love what you've done. My wife and I love this area of the Bahamas in fact last year we built the little blue house on the beach in Bottom Harbour. Would love to trade some photo sites with you, I might have one or two you haven't been to... Are you there full time or like us vacations and holidays?
Mike Harris

12:52 PM EST  
Blogger PJ said...

Hi Mike

Thanks for the kind remarks!

We come down for vacation and holidays.

Feel free to post some photo sites for the area.

4:08 PM EST  

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