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Harbour Island Bahamas Virtual Reality

Harbour Island provided me with a number of unique opportunities to shoot my favorite type of picture, virtual reality and panoramas.

I added a page to HarbourIslandGuide.com called Harbour Island Virtual Reality Tour.

The image of Lone Tree, as seen from the camera as it points directly down, is shown here. Those virtual reality images where you can see everything above and below are referred to as "fully submersive" or "equirectangular" panoramas.

In the case of the virtual reality picture of Dunmore Town and Harbour Island beach where you can't see the bottom (nadir) or top (zenith), these would be referred to a "cylindrical" panoramas.

If it isn't already obvious, some of the difficulties in taking these types of pictures is getting the exposure just right and avoiding problems with high contrast scenes -- a frequent problem in this type of environment.

Another typical obstacle in shooting panoramic images is finding views that are worthy throughout the 360 degree field of view. In that particular case, a place like Harbour Island almost makes that problem a non-issue.

One feature I really like about shooting panoramas is being able to extract a portion of the image and and use that as a single image. You can see an example of this on one of my Lone Tree images in my new print art gallery for Harbour Island. It's an extract from the Virtual Lone Tree panorama.


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