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I recently made some changes to my page for hotels and resorts on Harbour Island Bahamas. If you look, you will notice the absence of direct links for a number of the resorts. Unfortunately, Google is now overwhelmed with paid advertising and behemoth travel giants such as Tripadvisor, VRBO, and many more. Most of these entities have one primary objective which is to insert themselves into the revenue stream of people looking for places to stay on Harbour Island Bahamas  and elsewhere. For the most part, they can't lose due to how the Big G works. Compare the same basic search words in Bing/Yahoo and you will see they treat organic websites with greater respect.

One of my objectives from the beginning was to provide a simple and clean portal for those who were looking to visit Harbour Island -- a website I once wished for before my first visit to the island. My wife and I had some unpleasant experiences with third party operators who were using the internet pretty much the same as Tripadvisor and the others do now. From the many years we have traveled to the Bahamas, are best experiences came from working directly with the owners/operators of the properties we have stayed with. These operators have more vested into your "experience" staying at their hotel or rental home.

My model was to ask the property owners for a small annual flat fee to cover basic costs, and in turn, would be listed -- no commissions -- no special agendas. Unfortunately, the support we once had from the hotels and resorts has waned as operators slowly but surely capitulated to the third parties who wanted to insert their straw into the stream. TAdvisor is an excellent example. It's virtually impossible to be a major operator and not pay TA for the placement perks, etc., that put you in front of their audience. 

This method of reservations management works, but typically at a cost of 15 and upwards of 30% of the new reservation. Don't forget, that's yours and my money we are talking about. Think about it. TA's audience gives them free content, and as a result, the places we want to stay at are on the hook to pay TA for a seat at the table.

Do I mind? No, not at all. It's strictly business. I am just illuminating the path on which we walk. For those who understand what any of this is about, my CPC is still cheaper than anything else in the Harbour Island / Eleuthera market and light years cheaper for even just one booking -- count on it. Our objective remains the same: provide quality content for those who are new to Harbour Island with the support of those who benefit most. And we're still number one and have been for years on Bing/Yahoo. Why? Quality content that serves the more necessary info one needs to visit H.I. without all the fluff and blather. We still provide the highest quality, lowest cost referrals and we will continue to do so for the sake of all who benefit and provide, most of which are our visitors.

The hotels and resorts on my Harbour Island website that include active links are the ones who support and understand what we do -- and they want to work with their clients directly! They are personable people, excellent value, and places my wife and I would stay at any time. Call it "old school", but it still works.


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Harbour Island On Pinterest!

Harbour Island now has a presence on Pinterest! These are select photos that are being posted on our Harbour Island Facebook page. Come join us!

Check out Harbour Island Photos on Pinterest.


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Harbour Island on Facebook

Harbour Island on FacebookHarbour Island is now on Facebook! That seemed like my best solution for sharing photos and comments about Harbour Island. While I have not kept up my blog for Harbour Island, I have been shooting photos of the island for a number of years now and have reached such quantity that it's time to share more of it. For the moment, it appears Facebook is the more thoughtful approach to finding friends who share a passion for the pink sands of Harbour Island. You can also follow my postings on my Harbour Island Twitter feed.

Will I abandon my Harbour Island blog for the Harbour Island Facebook page? I don't know yet. Blogging definitely provides a better platform for story telling, but coming up with the time is more of the problem.

Okay, enough of my speech and personal issues. You're probably here because you want some sort of relevant content on Harbour Island, right? So go on over to the Facebook Page and check it out. Click the "Like" button at the top of the page, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

One other mention while I'm here. I have also started an Eleuthera Facebook Page and have been steadily adding photos there to augment my photos of Eleuthera on my website about Eleuthera.

Hope you enjoy some of the new photos. I'm always interested in feedback so please feel free to leave a comment either here or on the Harbour Island Facebook Page. Hope to hear from you.

Now please pass the conch fritters and don't drink the last Kalik!


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