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Shalimar on Harbour Island

Got a G blog alert for a hit on Harbour Island. Always nice to see a good blog entry behind the linkage; especially when it sports some nice pictures from one of my favorite islands -- always better than the usual boring blog spam.

Behind the lens of those nice blog photos was the lovely Shalimar -- apparent world traveler and food expert. Shal graces us internet surfers with some nice photos from around Valentine's Marina and Harbour Island. Some of her work reminds me I need to shoot more food shots -- and go on a diet. I've been thinking about buying a second small camera just for that -- taking the food pictures that is. I'll leave the diet for another day.

Anyway, curiousity took me to a few of Shal's other sites and I found we share some commonalities -- we blog when we can -- and we've both dined at Angela's on Harbour Island. Yet another thing I've been trying to get my lovely wife, Rose Mary, to do since she's the food expert in the Family: write some Bahamas restaurant reviews. Perhaps this next trip? We already have reservations for Rock House Hotel on Harbour Island this coming April. Rosie has done several for Eleuthera Restaurants that I thought were rather nice.

Shal did some nice photography work during her dining experience at Angela's. The only thing not nice about it was it made me ravenous for some conch fritters. Thanks for that, Shal! I think I just gained another pound just thinking about them. Deelish! Thanks for that, Rachel Ray...

So when I get done checking Shal's Harbour Island trip report, I made a few comments on her blog and received a very nice reply along with a few more links for her content. Nice work!

One of the shots was a scene I had also shot on the northern end of Dunmore Town. The scene had a nice view of the bay, a couple of old chairs under a very old slanted wood roof, and an old wire spool was used for playing dominoes on. Shal caught the shot just right. My photo had a Bahamian gentleman sitting at the makeshift table with some dominoes, but the exposure wasn't the best and neither was the pose. I did, however, manage to shoot a couple of reasonable shots of the nearby two story structure -- one of them shown above.

Love your stuff, Shal, and thanks for the pix and the trip report! Now pass the conch fritters please!


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Blogger Shalimar said...

thank you perry more stories to come...its so wonderful to meet someone who loves harbour island as much as I do... pass the conch fritters indeed.

6:35 PM EST  
Blogger Victoria Allman said...

Perry, you are on to something! I often cruise Shalimar's web-site for inspiration. She has a great eye and fabulous photographs...especially when the subject is something as beautiful as Harbour Island.

11:39 AM EDT  

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